7-Month Journey with Atlas

Today marks the day my baby boy turns seven months old. I am aware that every parent says this, but I can’t believe that he is already in his seventh month of life. No one tells you that the hardest part of being a mother is seeing your kids grow up. When thinking of how much my baby has grown, a quote comes to mind. ” Let me love you a little more, before you’re not little anymore”

 Last month was very eventful for Atlas. He took on the long road trip from Missouri to Washington like a champ. In total he traveled through 8 states. In his short lifetime he has already visited a total of 15 states.  On our road trip he visited the Omaha Zoo, Mount Rushmore, Teton Mountain Range, and Yellowstone. He was so excited to enjoy some outdoors time. This little guy loves to cruise around in the Tula and enjoy the sun shine on his not so hairy head.

Atlas articulates many words, but his favorite word lately is Dada. His preferred person is also Dada, until he is ready to eat and then it’s all about Mama. We are still getting used to using a bottle. We have currently tried a few bottles with zero luck. He is a total boob man.

We started baby led weaning and to say he mastered it would be an understatement. He has eaten everything from a slice of pizza to a chicken wing. Picking a favorite food would be impossible. Atlas loves everything he has been severed so far. Currently he eats more than both older siblings.

Our healthy guy is tipping the scale at 21 pounds. This is the same weight as last month but with all that moving and rolling all over the living room its hard to gain pounds. Even though the growth chart is not on the up hill with weight little man is still growing taller just not wider.

Even in the seventh month of life Atlas can not seem to figure out sleep. He is still waking up about every 2-3 hours to eat and then fall right back asleep. My mama heart is not ready to sleep train this little nugget just yet. I feel like that time will be coming soon though. He is still enjoying his doc-a-tot. This is seeming to help some with sleep and was a life saver when traveling and hotel stays.

Other developmental milestones going on in Atlas’s life would be he can clap his hands, wave good bye, pushing up to crawl and using a sippy cup. He enjoys bouncing in his jumper and being outside. He thinks dad and sister are always so funny. They can always get a laugh out of him. Our family is so excited to watch him grow over the next month. We feel so blessed to have such a happy and health baby.

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