My Ten Favorites on Amazon

Surely, I’m not the only female who can say this but shopping on amazon if one of my favorite things to do. Getting that smiley face box two days after you hit the purchase button brings me joy. My late-night breast-feeding sessions are not helping with my amazon addiction either. Here are my 10 of my favorite things on amazon.

1)This is a great Dupe for the Madewell cardigan. The Madewell one will cost you around $65 and this beautiful one will cost less than $30.

2)I am also a fan of anything mommy and me. Loving these beanies for under $10 1000

3)My all-time favorite face mask! Trust me you need this in your life. My skin has never felt so good! Learned about this amazing product from my all-time favorite blogger and sister @rachael_conner. 00000000

4)I always buy these amazing beauty blenders. Such a great price for 5!!! They are just as amazing as the more expensive ones.

5)This is my favorite lip gloss. Such a great price and I promise you will love it. I always get this in the color Crème Brulee. You also can subscribe to this item and get 5% off. �^

6)If you follow any Instagram blogger with a toddler, she probably owns these! Ordering these today! 0

7)This sleep sack is the only reason I get any amount of sleep at night. With the weighted chest your baby gets the feeling of still being held when laid down. It’s a grow with me sleep sack so we have put this to use for many months.

8)I love having the since of security knowing who is at my door. We ordered the Ring on prime day and we love it so much. It alerts us when someone is in our front yard or walking up to our door. My husband is gone often with being in the military and this just adds a little since of security.

9)With living in military base housing my bathroom is very standard. The tile is not my favorite and the wall color is boring. I love to add extra little touches to make my bathroom look nice. These Turkish towels are always a crowd pleaser. Anytime a guest uses my bathroom they comment on my favorite towels.

10)My last favorite amazon purchase is the milk snob cover. As a breast-feeding mother this has come in handy. Also having a baby in the winter this has been so helpful keeping my baby warm. This cover comes in many colors, but camo is my favorite. It is light enough to not make baby to hot when breastfeeding but also doesn’t let into much of a breeze to use for a car seat cover. This makes the perfect baby shower gift.

These are just a few of my favorites from amazon. With amazon being one of my favorite places to shop more amazon posts will becoming soon. Happy shopping!

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