Our Tree House Stay

Last week when planning our trip to Portland I went to look up hotels online. They had lots of options that were amazing, but they all came with the big price tag. I had a friend a few weeks ago tell me to use Air BNB when traveling. I have never used an Air BNB but always heard people rave about using them. I downloaded the Air BNB app and typed in Portland. Over 1,000 options came up. I knew I wanted to do something that was a little different than just your normal stay. So, I clicked the picture on top that said Unique stays. That is when the Tree House about 25 minutes outside of Portland came up.

To my surprise the Tree house was way cheaper than staying in a nice hotel. I used a coupon code I had that gave me $40 dollars off my first stay. (DM me on Instagram @mamaandarmylife for your $40 off your first stay)

The Tree house was located right outside La Center Washington. Which was about a 25-minute drive to Portland. We arrived at 3:00pm, which was our check in time. When we first pulled up, we parked in the labeled parking area. From there we walked on to the wood chip path to the tree house. When walking up to the tree house we also went past the cute little outhouse on the left and to the right was the fire pit. The outhouse was not your normal camping outhouse. It had plumbing, a shower, sink with mirror and was sparkling clean. The fire pit had five comfy lawn chair, firewood and matches to use.

When walking up to the tree house you will notice the beautiful chandelier hanging from the tree house. It was the perfect touch to add a little flair to the house. Also, under the tree house was a cute picnic bench, hammock, and BBQ grill. Now this is what I call glamping at its finest.

When climbing up into the tree house you will first enter the lounge area. They have a couch the goes into a bed that can sleep two people. To the left of the couch is a fridge and coffee pot. They have everything you need to make coffee. In this room you will also find a small table with two chairs. On the back wall a door is located. This door leads to the outdoor deck. This is the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy nature.

Entering back into the house you will see another ladder that leads up to the bedroom. In this room you will find a comfy bed. The bed was filled with pillows, clean sheets, and cozy blankets. The room did get a little warm at night but on the nightstand next to the bed was a fan. When running the fan the room was the perfect temperature.

We had a blast in the tree house. We brought along a smore kit to enjoy at fire pit that night. Our family had many laughs in the tree house and cannot wait to explore more using air BNBs in the future.

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