Trade Joe’s Haul

This week I was able to run into Trader Joes for a few of my favorite items. Trader Joes is truly one of my favorite obsessions, so I thought I should share a small shopping haul. Prewarning that this is not a very healthy haul by any means.


Lord help me, I have zero control when it comes to buying yummy snacks. In my opinion Trader Joes as some of the best snack food. One of my regular items to get is a box of macaroons.  There is a dozen macaroons in each box. You also can’t beat the price for $4.99

Now onto the topic of the most amazing cookies you will ever taste! Cookie Butter Cookies! These cookies just melt in your mouth and tastes like a little piece of heaven!  Let me warn you not to turn over the box and look at the calories. Two of these amazing cookies will set you back 180 calories. But sometimes it worth it to live a little. A box will cost you $3.99

MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUT BUTTER PRETZELS…… need I say more. If you watch my Instagram stories, I am sure you have spotted me munching on these yummy treats. A bag of these will cost you $3.29.

If you’re ever looking into baking a yummy snack you need to buy a box of there amazing banana bread. Very yummy and easy. When you are baking this bread, your house will be filled with the most comforting warm aroma.


I am not a huge breakfast person, but my kids love a few of their breakfast items Trader Joes has to offer. Every trip we always must buy two boxes of there cereal bars and a box of Panda Puffs. The Panda puffs if a delicious peanut butter flavored cereal. I have more than once had a bowl of these as a late-night snack. The cereal bars come in a few flavors, but my kids go crazy for the strawberry and apple flavors.


One of my favorite lunch items to buy is there premade salad packs. They have lots of options. This week I picked up there yummy Caesar mix.


We have NEVER left Trader Joes without buying a bag or two of orange chicken and vegetable fried rice. Our family eats this once a week. If you grab anything next time you stop into Trader Joes, I highly recommend it be this amazing dinner option.

My last two items are not food but something you need! Trader Joe’s has amazing house plants! They always come with a little paper how to love and care for your plant. I may currently own ten plants from my shopping trips. Next, you need this body butter in your life. It smells like a beach in a bottle. My skin has never been so smooth!

Our family is always trying new items at Trader Joes. With that beings said, there will be more Trader Joes blogs posts in the future. This store is filled with amazing items you need in your life.   Next trip I will try and find more healthy options.

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