First Day of School!

In our house we make a huge deal about the first day of school. We have done this since my son was in Preschool. I find making the first day of school super special makes for an easier transition. Here are some of our first day of school activities.  

We always buy a fun back to schoolbook to read the night before the first day. We found this fun book at Target. About a month before school starts target often has a great selection of back to schoolbooks. Amazon also has tons of options of back to schoolbooks. Links below:

Fun back to school breakfast! While we most definitely eat our share of boring and easy breakfasts most days. The first day of school we bring our A game. This year we made a letter K pancake. Of course, K for kindergarten. This brought a smile to my little guys face. We added a little whip cream and sprinkles for fun.

Pack a fun lunch. On my IG mamaandarmylife, I have lots of Bentgo box lunches saved in my highlights. For the first day of school we packed this fun lunch. My favorite part of the lunch was these custom cookies. I had this amazing baker create these cookies and she gave me the pin to personalize the note.

Special back to school shirt. We found this cute kindergarten shirt on amazon. There are lots of options on amazon and etsy. I also found lots of back to school outfits for little girls on ! They had the cutest outfits with pencils, school, buses and all the fun back to school quotes.

Link to Cains shirt:

Back to school Chalk board. This is one of my all-time favorite back to school items. I love asking my little guy all the questions on the chalk board. These chalk board come in all different price ranges. I found this one on esty for about $50 after shipping. Having something personalized and handcrafted always comes with a price. Target and amazon had lots of cheap options as well. I have also seen moms who have made super cute printouts on the computer. Do what work best for you and your budget.

Link to Amazon Back to school chalk board:

Graduation shirts are so fun! I love this idea because you can watch them grow into the shirt over the years. I think I might have a hard time talking my son into taking a picture in this shirt when he gets older. We shall see how that one goes. I found this one on amazon. My favorite part of this shirt was it had room on the back to add a handprint for each year. So, I can watch his baby hands turn into young man hands. I have also seen shirts like this on etsy.

Link to shirt:

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