Atlas is 9 Months

Our baby boy will be one before we know it. I have even started planning his first birthday celebration. We currently had to pack away all his 12-month clothes. He has outgrown them all. He is now rocking size 18 months.

I feel like this little dude has grown so much over the last month. Feeling extremely emotional about all the changes. He is growing taller by the day. A lot less rolls but he has legs for days. The love and bond between his brother and sister are already strong and fierce. Oakley is having a tough time being told she cant be picking up the baby and Cain kisses the baby at least 50 times a day.

Atlas 9 months:

Weight : 22 pounds 1 oz

Birth : 9 pounds 10 oz

Height: 28 in

Birth: 21.5 in

What’s New:

-Atlas loves to push up to try and crawl. This little dude will be on the move any day now. He loves to roll around the room to get around currently but that all should change soon.

-TEETH! He is currently rocking two bottom teeth. Teething was really hard on little man but we got through it. Also breastfeeding with teeth is zero fun!

-We’re down to one long nap a day.

-Sleeping is still a struggle

-BLW! Atlas is still rocking at eating. He has eaten everything from slices of pizza to pork chops. Eating maybe his favorite pass time.

-Altas as mastered using his finger to pinch little foods and place them in his mouth. His fine motor skills are getting better by the day.

-Current words he can say: Mama, Dada, No, RayRay ( his aunt ), baba, and bubba.

-He loves playing pike a boo and jumping in his bouncer.

-He has grown very attached to mama this month. He loves being held. Just last month he wouldn’t let me pick him up because he was to busy for me.

-Atlas and I are still on our journey through breastfeeding

Growing Boy

Pushing up to start crawling has been our biggest milestone we have hit lately. Even though he has not mastered crawling he is still on the move. He loves to roll from one side of the room to the other. Atlas personality is blossoming. He can often be shy, but you will always find him with a smile on his face. If a stranger talks to him when we are at the store he will try and hide behind his blanket or car seat but still flashes a smile. He loves to copy sounds. If I start humming or make a loud squeal he loves to laugh and copy me. I can’t wait to see the growth he makes this month.


What is sleep…… but for real this little man still is a horrible sleeper. I almost feel like my body is getting used to no sleep. Atlas is waking up about 3-4 times a night to nurse. He normally nurses and falls right back to sleep which is nice, but I can’t often do the same. 4-5 hours of sleep a night is my norm. We have used about every sleeping advice anyone has ever given us. If he doesn’t have his Doc-a-tot there is zero sleep to happen. Atlas’s doctor just explained to me that one day he will sleep. So, that is what we are looking forward to in the future. He is taking about one nap a day. This nap normally happens around noon. He sleeps about 2 hours.

Exploring Life with Atlas

Our family loves exploring and so glad Atlas loves to come along for the ride. Our family took a trip to Port Orchard. We spent time by the water and visited a hobbit house. We enjoyed exploring Seattle two times over this last month. His favorite part is of course sharing all the yummy food with mom. He probably loved our Trip to Great Wolf lodge the most. Atlas is such a water baby. He loved splashing and playing in the water. Even though it was sooooo cold. We are excited for the trips to come this next month.

Thanks for reading about Atlas.


Hannah and Little Bug

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