This sweet boy is welcoming double digits with a big smile! I feel like I am going to blink my eye and he is going to be 1!


·         WE ARE SOOOO PROUD! This little man was signed up to see someone for Physical Therapy to get his gross motor skills kicked into gear. We are happy to say we have moved his appointment back because he is starting to show signs in the right direction. Little man is now crawling!

·         Little man is starting to stand for longer periods of time with the help of mom or dad holding onto him. He still is not crazy about putting weight on his legs, but he is progressing.

·         With crawling comes getting into everything. He is great at opening cabinets and drawers. He can not be left alone for more than 30 seconds or he is getting into some kind of trouble.

·         Mr. Atlas has actually lost some weight so with breakfast, lunch and dinner he is offered a sippy cup of formula.

·         Showing ZERO signs of walking. He would rather mom hold him or crawl.

·         BLW is still going GREAT! His current favorite foods would be raspberries, bananas, and French fries.

·         So proud of his sleep progress. He is currently only waking only once or sometimes not even at all during the night. OH sleep feels so good.

·         Started taking a 1 hour morning nap and about a 1 hour afternoon nap.

·         Thinks brother and daddy are so silly all the time.

·         Cloth diapers have been put on the back burner and we are now using size four diapers.

·         Favorite word is dada.

·         Loves to wave and point at everything.

·         Favorite toy is brothers old Elmo.

·         Exploring the idea of pulling up.

·         Has the cutest little four teeth I ever did see


Atlas is still the best eater in the house. I am so excited we choose BLW with Atlas. It has made his heart so happy. He loves all the foods but his favorites are raspberries, bananas, peanut butter, ice cream, and any pasta.

Feeding Schedule:

7:30- Wake up and Nurse

8:00- Breakfast ( Fruit and Protein ) and a sippy cup of Formula.

10:00- Nurse before laying down for a nap.

11:30- Lunch time ( fruit, protein, and veggies ) Sippy cup of Formula

2:30- Nurse before nap time

5:30- Dinner ( fruit, protein, and veggie) and sippy cup of Formula

7:00- Nurse before bedtime

10:30- Normally wakes to nurse one more time.

Atlas is still nursing but he seems to only want to nurse for a few minutes and then stop. This is why we added the formula at mealtimes to make sure he is staying hydrated and getting enough calorie. He did lose some weight this month so wanting to make sure he is still growing and healthy.  I am sure I will get a little feed back on this choice but we as parents felt like we are making the best choice for our Atlas.

New BLW foods at 10 months: Grapes ( quartered ),  hot dogs ( quartered) zucchini, string cheese, meatballs, goldfish, peanut butter toast, and lots of bacon.


Weight: 20 pounds 9 oz

Birth: 9 pounds 10 oz

Height: 30 in

Birth: 21.5

We are so proud of our little man. For the longest time we were worried about his growth and development. He was not crawling, and he was not even exploring to pull up. As of two weeks ago he is on the move! He is investigating the idea of pulling up onto the couch and in the bathtub. He is at such a fun stage in growth. Everything is fun to discover and super funny to him. We must hide the dog bowls because he loves to get into them. He finds it hilarious to eat dog food. Mom does not find it funny

Laughing is not the only thing he likes to do, he has found his voice and loves to scream. It always seems to be a happy scream unless he is hungry. Then you need to rush to the kitchen to make the loud noises stop.

Atlas loves to point and wave to just about anything and anyone. He has added one new word which is no. That word is super silly to him. His favorite toys are his Elmo doll his big brother passed down to him. He is also loving blocks and cars. Any toys that sing to him are also fun.


I know last month I said I will probably never get the chance to sleep again but little man showed me that I was wrong. I AM SO HAPPY TO ANOUNCE!!!! Atlas is sleeping through the night most nights. We have had one or two nights he wakes up and wants to nurse right back to sleep. He normally lays down for bed around 7:30. He will wake up around 10:30 to nurse and then sleep the rest of the night. Wake up time is anywhere between 6:45-7:30. He is taking about 2 naps a day. Each one is about an hour long. When I go and check on Atlas I often find him in the silliest sleep positions.


This month Atlas explored two new places. First one being the pumpkin patch. He loved pointing and laughing at all the animals. The food was probably his favorite part. Nothing is better than an apple cider donut. Next place little man visited was Packwood Washington. He loved all the outdoor time. He went on his first long hike in the Tula. He thought it was funny to pull moms hair the whole time. Thanks for always making exploring fun little dude!

To my sweet baby boy.  I love you with all my heart. I am so happy the growth you are showing every passing day. You are so smart and honestly couldn’t get any cutter. Thank you for all the cuddles and smiles. You sure know how to melt moms heart. Cant wait to see what this next month brings us. Love you always and FOREVER!


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