Our family is big into the holidays.  Even though my husband will be away for Halloween we are still excited to celebrate. My husband and I love making memories for our kids during the holidays. One of those memories being BOO baskets. We fill a small basket with Halloween treats. Below I will link a bunch of fun items you can put together to make your own boo basket. ENJOY!

Halloween doesn’t have to be just filling up on sugar. Here are a few items that will be perfect not leave your kids with a sugar high!

1. Mini Play Doh

2. Pumpkin Sitckers

3. Llama LLama Halloween Book

4. Trick or Treat in Washington Kids Book

5. Mickey and Minnie Halloween Dolls

6. Halloween Activity Book

7. Glow Sticks

8. Halloween Lego

9. Halloween Movie

10. Peppa Pig and Pumpkin

I try not to give my kids to much Candy in the Boo baskets because I know they will get tons on Halloween but adding one or two yummy treats is always fun.

1. Halloween Gummies

2. Pirate Booty

3. Skelton Candy

4. Trick or Treat Gummies

5. Candy Corn Cotton Candy

BOO Baskets

1. Wire Basket

2. Witch Hat Basket

3. Pumpkin Basket

4. Halloween Basket

5. Prefilled Halloween Basket

Huge Thank You to Sanded Knot co. for making me the cute tags for my Halloween Baskets. Go them a follow on Instagram @Sandedknotco.

As always thanks for shopping my Links !

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