My Five Favorite Podcasts

For years I listened to music when doing just about anything. Whether it be driving, cooking, cleaning, or even in the shower. This last year I discovered podcasts. I’d had a few people tell me that I should start listening to them. Shortly after listening to a few episodes I was hooked. I traded all the time I listened to music and turned on my podcasts.

Not only are podcasts full of information but they can sometimes be so relaxing. I often lean towards true crime podcasts but there are a few humorous and inspiring podcasts I enjoy also. Here are my favorite podcasts I have relished over the last couple months.  

1. Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie was the first podcast that started my whole obsession. I have an extreme fascination with crime podcasts. This podcast dives down deep and fills your brain with so much details on true crime. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat wanting more.  The two hosts Ashley and Brit do lots of research on each case they present. When I think I know everything about a case, I am always proven wrong by these ladies. If true crime is something, you’re interested in this podcast is for you. My favorite episode is when they covered the Serial Killer Israel Keyes. All the details they gave us on this case had me nervous yet so intrigued. The man was a monster.

2. True Crime Obsessed

Get ready to laugh your way through some difficult material. Patrick and Gillian welcome you to each episode with a song that will put a smile on your face. They cover different true crime documentaries and make you laugh even through the darkest of episodes. One of the documentaries they covered was on Roll Red Roll. That was a hard one to get through, but they made it extremely informative but still gave you a laugh here and there. I have cried tears from laughing so hard and tears of sadness during different episodes. I promise this is a podcast you will be excited to listen to every week. Its for anyone that likes true crime but doesn’t take life to serious.

3. The Papaya Podcast

Ready to love yourself again? This girl will make you do just that! The Papaya Podcast truly gave me a new outlook on life. She is a mama of three that gets real and raw about everything. Listening to this podcast made me have a new outlook on my life and body. Sarah is so tactful, classy and sassy. She is all things women power! She brings in all kinds of guests that talk anything from loving your body to racial and women inequality. Her conversations are tangible, they’re inviting, and moving. You will be left wanting more after each episode. I promise you will thank me later. She also is a great person to follow on Instagram.

4. Office Ladies

Are you fan of the show The Office? Well this is the ultimate podcast for you. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey also known as Pam and Angela from The Office do a totally break down of episodes of The Office. This podcast will leave you with lots of laughs and inform you on behind the scenes moments from the show. They start off the episode with three fast facts about the episode they are covering. As a girl who loves The Office and has watched all 9 seasons multiple times, I truly think any fan would love this podcast.

5. Generation Why

As you can tell from the running theme, I enjoy a good true crime podcast. They all attract me for diverse reasons. Aaron and Justin are good about bringing you the facts about the true crimes they are covering and not too much chit chat. They present each case in a straightforward way with lots of evidences. Your able to tell they do lots of research on each case before laying it out for us. The two hosts mesh very well together and bring you all the information you want to know about all thing’s true crime. They have been podcasting since 2014 and seem to have such a great flow. This was a podcast I started at episode one and by the end of the week had listened to all their episodes they had out. It was extremely addicting.

Don’t get me wrong I have a few more podcast I listen to. I also appreciate Morbid (another true crime podcast) and a TED talk podcast every now and then. These are just currently my top five that I come back for more every week. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and find a new podcast or start your podcast journey. I listen to all podcasts on the podcast app through APPLE.  

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