Amazon Men’s Gift Guide

Have a man in your life you need to buy for this holiday season? I am here to help! All these gifts are free shipping with prime! Shopping for a man can often feel so daunting. Well that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with this easy gift guide. Your just a few clicks away from getting your man what he wants for the holidays. I was able to chat with my husband before he left for training on things he already has and loves and few things he wants.


1. Air pods– my husband uses his air pods daily! They are truly worth every penny!

2.North Face Sweatshirt– my husband’s go to clothing item is a north face pull over.

3. Slippers– My husband LOVES these slippers. Right when he comes home from work, he takes his boots off and these go right on!

4. Patagonia Hat– My husband loves this hat! Pairs so well with just about any dude outfit!

5. Yeti – This is something my husband loves to take to the lake on hot summer days!

6. Bose Bluetooth Speaker– This is something we do not own but it’s on the hubbies Christmas list!

7. Ray Bans– Another item on the hubbies wish list

8. Whiskey Glasses– Perfect for any man that loves a drink at the end of the night!

9. Neck, back, and shoulder massager– I have personally tried this before and it’s amazing. Great gift! This is a gift you might be stealing from your husband!

10. Gamer shirt– Is your husband gamer? This is the perfect shirt for him!

11. Hammock– Does your husband enjoy camping ? thank this is the gift for him. We personally love our hammock.

12. Silicone ring– This is something I bought for my husband for our anniversary one year sing he always complained about his wedding band. He has tired other silicone rings but he found this one to be his favorite.

13. Echo Show – This is a great house hold item you and your man will both love !

14. Fit Bit Watch– this is great for any man that loves to move and grove! Does almost everything an apple watch does but just a lower price tag!

15. Wallet with money clip– My husband informed me you cant go wrong with a good wallet!

Hope you found this gift guide helpful!

Happy Shopping!

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