2019, Thank you!

Hello 2020 and Hello Friends!

2019 brought so many great times and a few rough ones. I am excited to see what 2020 bring our family but 2019 was a good one for the most part.

Well let’s start talking about the highpoints of 2019! Our family traveled A LOT! If you know anything about me traveling is something my soul craves! Is traveling a love language?? Because anytime my husband books us a trip I fall more in love with him. In total this year I have traveled to 14 states. I am beyond blessed to have my sweet little babes who love to travel along side with me. I even enjoyed a road trip half was across the U.S. with my sister. Here is all the things we have done and places we have traveled in 2019.

  • Mount Rainier
  • Pikes Market
  • Space Needle
  • Disneyland/ first time in California
  • Packwood Washington (stayed in a A frame cabin and hiked)
  • Portland Oregon (first time in Oregon)
  • La Center Washington (stayed in a tree house)
  • Port Orchard Washington
  • -Yellow Stone
  • Teton (stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Teton Mountain range)
  • Travel home to Missouri
  • Omaha Zoo
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Great Wolf Lodge

We are so blessed we had the chance to travel this much and so excited to travel even more in 2020. We are finding we enjoy less things and more experiences. Our family stayed in lot of Air bnbs this year. Can’t rave about them enough. If your family would like to get a chance to stay in an air bnb message me and get $40 off your first stay!

We moved…well we moved to another house on base. It’s a very long and boring story why but we are so in love with our new home. It has more open space for the kids to play, a fenced in backyard, and a huge front yard. Our new neighborhood is so quiet, and we love it!

In 2019 Cain gave kindergarten another go round. We call this kindergarten 2.0. Cain did okay in his first year of kindergarten but with him being so young and struggling a little my husband and I talked it over and thought that kindergarten 2.0 would be the best for him. Goodness we were right! He is doing AMAZING! He is crushing his goals and going places people! We couldn’t be prouder of our boy! He enjoyed playing soccer, basketball, and baseball in 2019. It was so fun watching him play sports this year. He truly has grown so much over the last year.

Oakley Lynn has grown so much this year! Girl is a spit fire. She knows what she wants, and she will tell you! Even though she is a bit of a mess, she has the kindest heart. She is the first one to give you and hug when your sad and she will make sure you don’t mess with either of her brothers. Oakley has informed us that we will not be potty training her anytime soon and that she needs diapers. Laterally the words that came from her mouth. She will be 3 very soon and we are excited to bring on 3! She has informed us that Elsa will be at her party…lets see if mom and dad and make that happen.

Oh, my baby boy Atlas. You’re just the sweetest little guy. Your growing like a weed. We have had some struggles with sleep, not hitting milestone, and nursing. But now your good as gold boy. We have a few things we are keeping out eye on with your growth, but we think you will be just fine. Walking will come any day now in 2020. Thanks for being the best little hiking buddy in the Tula! So excited for more adventures with you little dude!

Mr. Ojeda and I have done a lot of growing this year. We are learning and growing with each other and I love it. Marriage is not easy, but we work hard on it daily. So glad to spend another year with you! We have decided to make 2020 a year to grow our marriage even stronger. We spent so much time focusing on being the best parents we can be and now this year we are taking time away from the kids to focus on us for a change. We are excited to have family watch our babies and go a on cruise just him and I! We will miss our babies so much but so excited for the alone time! I am so excited this year you will be home more. You spent off and on in total about 5 months away from your family. Dang that was not easy but that’s army life. We make it work babe and excited for a new year.

2019 you brought good, but you also brought bad. Shortly after having Atlas I struggled with some PPD. My husband was my rock and helped me through this and for that I thank him. After lots of work I am glad to say I am better than ever.

Here is my goal for 2020……FUN! Yep that’s it. Just enjoy life and have fun. I am such a yes girl and I think I have had enough of that for a while. I need to focus on fun with my husband, kids, and even just myself. I poured out into so many people in 2019 and got very little in return. I need to focus on filling my cup before filling anyone’s cup this year. Alright 2020 lets do this!  



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