Bachelor Premier Party

Hello friends,

I am here to share with you today all about my Bachelor premier night party. Yes, I am one of the basic women of the world that is addicted to this show. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure has me hooked season after season. If you follow me on Instagram ( @mamaandarmylife ) you know I will use any excuse to host a little party, so why not do one for the premier night.

When putting everything together for the party I knew one thing had to happen, every lady who came received a rose. I went to my local Trader Joes and grabbed a dozen roses for $5.99. Then put the words “will you accept this rose” on my letter board. (Need a letter board…. Click here) I mean what girl doesn’t want to come home with a rose.

A huge part of premier night is meeting all the ladies, or I like to call them now the cupcake cuties. I bought 30 cupcakes and printed out all the lady’s pictures. You can find all the ladies at  I then just glued their picture to toothpicks and put them in the cupcakes. Each girl was numbered and then there was a chart showing each girls name. These were a huge hit at the party.

Every Party needs a good game. I went to pint rest and found fun little games to play along when watching the show. We had bachelor BINGO and brackets for the season. (Click here to find lots of bachelor Bingo cards) Whoever was the first one to complete the BINGO card got a little gift.

A few more touches I added to the party was will you accept this rose’ sign and rose’ to share. Some chocolate covered strawberries, which went fast.  Of course, we had a few appetizers to go around. Nothing is better than food, trash tv, and girl chat.

I am so excited for this season of bachelor. I have no favorites just yet I am just hoping Hannah B. does the right thing and goes home. Sorry Hannah fans. Needing more a fix than just Monday night show? I recently started listening to the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour for more Bachelor fun.

Thanks for reading,


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