50 Non-Screen Time Activities for Kids.

Hello friends,

I think making goals for the new year is terrific. I have made personal goals for myself and I have also made goals for me as a parent. With having such a busy lives these days it so easy to just offer screen time for your kids. Don’t get me wrong I find screen time okay, but I personally need to monitor it more and offer less of it. With that being said, I thought it would be perfect to write a blog post on other activities you can offer you kids instead of screen time.

Research shows that allowing children to spend too much time with their screens can cause negative effects. These include:


-Sleep disturbances

-Bullying or other behavior problems

-Academic problems

Just to name a few.

While the AAP guidelines recommend no screen time before the age of 2, how many of us do this? If your one of the moms who do this your awesome and keep up the wonderful job. But if you’re like myself keep reading for some fun ideas.

We personally do use screen time in our home, but I am hoping with the new year my family can do better at cutting back on it. Also screen time in itself is not harmful when the content is educational, and the child is not exposed to it for hors at length on a daily basis. Another helpful hint is to interact with your child when they are learning with screen time. Pause and ask them questions on what they are learning.


  1. Coloring/ Painting
  2. Reading- make a stop to the library and pick up a few books on something your child is interested in or learning at school.
  3. Stickers- did you know having your kid peel and play with stickers is educational? This is a great fine motor skill to work on with your kids.
  4. Balloons- blow up a few balloons and let your kids go wild.
  5. Helping in the kitchen- this is hands down one of my favorites. My kids have grown to love baking and cooking with mom
  6. Storytelling- sit your kid down and tell them to make up a fun story. They also can create a book and you can go over it before bedtime.
  7. Homemade play dough- have you read my post about making home made play dough with your littles? Hope on over and get the recipe. Making the play dough will take up time and enjoying the dough will add for extra fun time!
  8. Building blocks/ Legos- Get out some building blocks and let them create. Is your little one having a hard time getting into building blocks? Give them a task to build something. Such as a castle for a king or their dream home.
  9. Kids toolbox- Find your kids some kids tools and let them build and create.
  10. Bubbles- blow some bubbles with your littles. They will love running around and playing with them. Needing some moments to just sit down and relax? Buy your kids a bubble blower and let them enjoy while you take a breather.
  11. Chores- I know this may not be your kids favorite pass time but its perfect for them to learn and grow. Nothing wrong with after they complete task to reward them with a fun treat. Chores my kids help with are, wiping off the table, helping with dishes, vacuuming, wiping windows, and watering plants.
  12. Playing outside
  13. Water play- nothing this is something that must always be watched over no mater the amount of water.
  14. Music and dance
  15. Wash toys together- with flu and cold season it’s a good idea to keep your toys clean. Make a game out of it.
  16. Go to the store together with a list- Give your kids the list and ask them to check it off once the item is in your cart
  17. Puzzles
  18. Build and pillow fort
  19. Go on a picnic in the backyard
  20. Water balloon fight
  21. Jump in puddles
  22. Dig for worms
  23. Create a maze
  24. Have a campout in the living room
  25. Create a treasure hunt
  26. Tell funny jokes
  27. Make something out of recycled materials
  28. Make a marble run
  29. Set up a toy racetrack
  30. Play flashlight tag
  31. Have your kid write down things they would like to do today
  32. Play a board game
  33. Make fridge magnets
  34. Bake cookies- Check out my blog post recipe on homemade sugar cookies
  35. Lear a new word from the dictionary
  36. Go to the park
  37. Learn to swim
  38. Have a pillow fight
  39. Make someone a card
  40. Keep a gratitude journel
  41. Paint and hide rocks
  42. Science experiments
  43. Make sensory bottle
  44. Start your own garden
  45. Made moon sand
  46. Play cards
  47. Make jewelry
  48. Get a find Waldo book or Ispy book
  49. Go to the zoo
  50. Practice life skills ( getting dressed, buttons, pouring your own glass)

I hope some of these were helpful and your able to use them. My house hold will never be screen time free all the time but its good to get a break from it.

Listed below is links to my favorite learning toys that don’t involve screen time! (word to go to item )

Color Mat

Little Kids Basketball goal

Magnetic Tiles


Fishing Game

Kids Camping Set

Balls and tunnel set

Play Kitchen Sink

Necklace Kit



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