Raspberry Lemon Cake

Sometimes you need to make a cake for a bake sale, to take to a friend’s house, or maybe into the office to share. This is a cake you won’t want to take anywhere! Why you may ask? Well the answer is simple you’re going to want to enjoy this cake all to yourself! This […]

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Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is making and decorating sugar cookies for Santa! Over my six years of motherhood I have baked many sugar cookies, but I am about to share with you my favorite cookie and icing recipe. Your littles and Santa will love these cookies! If you follow this recipe you will […]

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Taco Stuffed Shells

We are a family that does taco night at least once a week for dinner. Its one of the meals my kids always look forward to. This week I switched it up a little and put a fun spin on taco night. Taco stuffed shells are an easy dinner of stuffed jumbo shells. This recipe […]

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Pumpkin Waffles

I am such a basic girl when it comes to pumpkin everything the second fall hits. I’m also proud to say my children are the same. I am so thrilled to share our easy fall breakfast. Often the recipes I share on my blog and Instagram are extravagant but when it comes to breakfast, I […]

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Trade Joe’s Haul

This week I was able to run into Trader Joes for a few of my favorite items. Trader Joes is truly one of my favorite obsessions, so I thought I should share a small shopping haul. Prewarning that this is not a very healthy haul by any means. Snacks: Lord help me, I have zero […]

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