The Best Homemade Play Dough

Hello friends, I was thinking of fun activities to do inside with my littles since the winter has kept us in so much lately. Oakley and I thought it would be fun to make some homemade play dough. Yes, you can go the easy route and buy play dough at the store. I have personally […]

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Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is making and decorating sugar cookies for Santa! Over my six years of motherhood I have baked many sugar cookies, but I am about to share with you my favorite cookie and icing recipe. Your littles and Santa will love these cookies! If you follow this recipe you will […]

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12 Days of Christmas books!

This is a tradition we celebrate every year! I have been doing this family fun activity with my kids since my oldest was 6 months old. (who is now 6) Books have always been a major part in my children’s upbringing so this was the perfect tradition to start. Each night during the 12 days […]

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Our family is big into the holidays.  Even though my husband will be away for Halloween we are still excited to celebrate. My husband and I love making memories for our kids during the holidays. One of those memories being BOO baskets. We fill a small basket with Halloween treats. Below I will link a […]


Jello Dig: Sensory Activity

I have been doing this fun sensory activity with my kids for years. My oldest ( 6 years old ) started doing this activity when he was 6 months old. I found this idea many years ago on Pinterest. Sensory activities have so many benefits for our babies. Not only are babies exploring their 5 […]

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First Day of School!

In our house we make a huge deal about the first day of school. We have done this since my son was in Preschool. I find making the first day of school super special makes for an easier transition. Here are some of our first day of school activities.   We always buy a fun […]

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Soccer Team Snack Pack

I have been a soccer mom for the last few years and I am so in love. My son has fell in love with the game. We have spent many hours with Cain at the soccer fields and I discovered that I love being the snack mom. It has always made me so happy to […]

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We love making DYI sidewalk chalk paint. Its one of our favorite outdoor activities.  This fun DYI is so easy and super fun! This is an activity that can be very messy. So, put on some play clothes and lets paint! Step 1- Mix together water and cornstarch. Stir until the cornstarch is dissolved. Step […]


Two Ingredient Moon Sand

Oakley is a toddler who needs activities, or she will destroy the house. She is not the best at playing independently. It only lasts for about four minutes. She is a kid who needs extra stimulation each day. This is one of Oakley’s favorite activities that keeps her busy for longer than 5 minutes. Moon […]

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Our Favorite Play Dough Recipe.

Play Dough is one of our favorite indoor activities. My kids love to create and play in the kitchen. Making your own dough goes way beyond just assembling a fun activity. You can turn this into a wonderful learning opportunity. Teaching kids about mixing colors, measuring, counting, and kitchen safety. These are just a few […]

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