The Start of Something New

Jumpsuit from Target under $30- fits true to size.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog. I am so excited to share our journey with you. Here is a little insight on how it all began.

Three years ago I was a single mom experimenting with dating sites. A handsome man named Leonardo Ojeda sent me a private message. Glancing over his profile I read he was a US Marine for 6 years. He recently left the military and was working a civilian job.

After a very brief courtship we were married and had our first child Oakley Lynn. One afternoon he came home from work professing that he wanted to join the Army. I was astonished to hear this proposal. When running this through my head I felt extremely overwhelmed… how was I going to take on the roll of being an army wife and raising two young children? After much thought, we decided this was ultimately the best decision for our family. Fast forward 2 years later we are a family of 5 and living this hectic army lifestyle. We could not picture our life any other way, even with all the madness.

We are excited our kids Cain, Oakley and Atlas are enjoying military life just as much as we do. Follow along with my journey through motherhood, military life, and my many shopping trips to target.

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